Branded Marketing Content

A brand’s story is its most valuable asset in communication. Lavender Digital creates branded marketing content in the form of graphic design, website development, and video production. A partnership with Lavender Digital ensures that story will be shared in the right way, to the right people. Our strategies ensure that the brand’s culture is continually improving, and enhances the message to a specific, targeted audience.

Video Production

Our core focus for marketing content begins with video.  An engaging video specific to your audience is crucial in communicating your story.  Our team has experience in creating all types of videos from motion graphic Explainers, Short Films to Broadcast Commercials.  We take the usual producing, filming and editing beyond the standard and think about the strategy behind the video:  why it’s being made, who it’s for, and how it’s being used.

Our Portfolio

College Athletics Promo

Automotive Product Video

Non-Profit Branding Video

Technology Product Video

Inspirational Promo

Commercial Banking Testimony

Personal Story

Inspirational Promo

Mobile Real Estate Promo

Mobile Banking Platform

City Development Review


Every organization deserves to have a unique branded identity across all marketing materials.  Our goal is to help you achieve this, by creating great content that always looks like you and tells your story.  We help identify the best options for attracting your audience, create the content, and maintain its presence.

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Most brand communication strategies fail because they fail to communicate with the intended audience. Developing a great brand requires more than great design; it requires a creative and pragmatic approach to maximizing the impact of a brand’s story.

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Lavender Digital wants to be your marketing partner.  Planning, creating, and executing a marketing strategy takes a lot of work.  We know that many organizations have a challenge when doing this on their own, and can’t commit to creating an in-house team to do it.  We become the consistent resource for your custom content by always being there when you need us.